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Medical or natural, did fertility treatment work for you? Share your experience with others.


If you're trying for a baby, discuss your thoughts and feelings here.


Are you in your 'Two Week Wait'? Post and discuss your pregnancy symptoms and POAS test photos. Symptom spot and compare tests. Will this be your month?


From antenatal tests to varicose veins, this is the place to discuss anything to do with being pregnant.


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Any health or medical issues concerning your baby, such as rashes, colic, constipation, diarrhoea, injections, teething and other worries or concerns you may have.


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Had some ideas but not quite sure? Ask other ladies for their opinions, and see what names other ladies have in mind for their little ones!


Your older baby


The Department of Health recommends exclusive breastfeeding for your baby's first six months.

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The transition stage from toddler to pre-schooler


Discuss issues around the early primary years - behaviour, development and discipline.


Discuss behaviour, development and discipline for tweens.

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The forum to post if you are single and either pregnant, or a single parent. Share stories and offer support to others in the same circumstances.


Have questions about pregnancy, birth or parenting? Post your queries and get advice from members that have already been there and done it.


Interested in using cloth nappies rather than disposables? Wearing your baby rather than using a pram? Share and get advice on natural and alternative parenting methods.

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Oh yes we've saved this special place just for you! Feel free to chat to other parents and offer support                              


Discussion for single dads

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Need some advice about your relationship with your partner, or want to vent off about your in-laws?Discuss anything from love, marriage, sex and relationships with other mums like you                             


Support each other as you start to lose weight                              


The home is the centre of family life. Chat about everything from family life to maternity rights and benefit entitlements.


A place to chat about any health issues you may have, such as PND, dieting, smoking and exercise. Any beauty and hair questions can also be asked in here.

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If you feel you may be depressed, don't suffer in silence, get support from others here.


Discover your creativity


Many threads about needle crafts


Share your favourites and find new inspiration


What we're watching on the big and small screens

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Ask about others' experiences to help decide where your baby will be born


When you're juggling work and family commitments


For business owners to share advice and support. Please read the forum guidelines before posting.


What's making news close to home and abroad

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Who knew babies could be so expensive? LondonParents here to help, with great coupons for baby supplies plus special discounts and savings just for you. Check out all our latest baby savings: baby coupons, free baby stuff, and fun sweepstakes for you and your family!

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