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ITN are looking for contributors for an exciting tv show

10 March 2020 8519 2

ITN are on the hunt for a family with young children and a grandparent or two who live near London to take part in an exciting experiment for a topical tv documentary. 

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   02 July 2022

On the topic of looking for parents to participate in an exciting opportunity:

I am a second-year Geography student studying at the University of Oxford and am currently in the process of conducting research for my dissertation. I am looking for parents with one or more children under the age of 7 to conduct a 45-minute online interview in July (NB: all children must be under the age of 7 please!). I will be aiming to understand what your experience as new parents has been like, focusing on changes in habits, values and motivations. I would be immensely grateful for your participation, and if you are happy to help could you please contact me by email (Elodie.taylor@keble.ox.ac.uk).

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