Essential Tips for Travelling with Kids

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Essential Tips for Travelling with Kids

Having kids doesn’t necessarily mean you stop living the full life. It also doesn’t mean your holidays have turn into a total hassle and headache. With a bit of patience and careful planning, travelling with children, even small ones, can be as fun as before, or even better. Keep on reading and find out the main tips for having a great trip with your little ones.


Plan for a slower pace

Be realistic and remember that you’ll have more things packed in your baggage than you used to have while travelling solo or with another adult. In addition, kids may feel tired and you’ll have to stay in one place longer than you would expect.


Consider a home exchange

Besides keeping travel costs down, home swapping can be real fun for all your family. For both families, if to be correct. Choose another family with kids, and you’ll end up in a house adapted for children. There will be toys, rooms for kids and other things that only parents have at home. And if your kids break or spoil something, parents will be more likely to treat the problem with understanding.


Get the documents ready

If you’re heading to a country that requires obtaining visas, don’t be surprised if they require your kids to have visas as well. The fees are usually the same as for adults. Sometimes it is possible to apply in writing to avoid two trips to the main embassy, but often you’ll need to go there and apply in person.

Also, if you have an adopted child, you must have the adoption papers with you, and if you’re the only parent travelling you may need to have written consent from the other parent for your child to travel. Find out all the requirements in advance to be ready and to have time for collecting necessary documents.


Start with a small trip

If you want to take your kids abroad, you’d better start with a small trip inside your country first. This is an invaluable experience you’ll be grateful for afterwards. You’ll see how your children react to various conditions, how they bear heat or cold, interact with strangers and how fast they get tired. You’ll also teach them to bear their own responsibility e.g. to carry their own little bag; to keep an eye on things, to stay close and to behave well in public transport, especially if they need to travel for longer that they are used to.


Check the latest baggage restrictions

When you travel with a small child, carrying various bottles with liquids is inevitable. Baby drinks, foods, lotions, nappy creams and all the other things you can’t imagine travelling without may be restricted, so check it carefully before you go. If you do find some amount restrictions, try bringing smaller bottles or add a special section to your travel budget that will allow you buying the necessities as soon as you arrive.

Have a great trip with your family!

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