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Easter 2016: Activities for Little Ones in London

Believe us, there are a lot of ways to make this Easter happy for your kids without the help of near-bottomless amount of chocolate. To keep your little bunnies occupied, look through these carefully selected Easter activities and pick the ones your children will be the most eager to visit.

St. Valentine’s Day Funny Facts for Kids

Why red is the color of St. Valentine's Day? How many Valentine's Day cards are sent each year? What Cupid means for St. Valentine's Day? This and other exciting questions are answered in this article.

Half-Term in London: Best Activities for Kids

If spending this half-term with sofa, TV, video games and unhealthy snacks is not a good idea for you, check out these February events in London which will definitely get your little ones excited and active.

Best Christmas Family Activities in London 2015/2016

Get some great ideas of things to do with the kids in London this Christmas, from attending legendary Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to ice skating and watching haert-warming plays.

Essential Tips for Travelling with Kids

Find out the main tips for having a great trip with your little ones.

10 Books You Must Read for Your Kids

All parents want their kids to be intelligent, kind, loving and honest. We want them to develop their own worldviews and be able to handle difficult situations. An essential part of obtaining all these treats is reading them fairy-tails and letting the natural discussion unfold.So look through these ten titles which we compiled especially for the above-mentioned purposes.