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All Baby & Child Scientists Invited to Fun Studies at the London Birkbeck  Babylab

Birkbeck Babylab invites families to participate in our baby and children studies! Take part now in our online studies, all done from the comfort and safety of the home. Register in our Babylab database to receive invitations to in-person studies suitable for your child’s age once the lab has reopened after the lockdown.

World-class Tennis Venue - UK - Queenswood School, LONDON

Queenswood School, a beautiful 120-acre site in the Hertfordshire countryside just outside London, boasts some of the best residential tennis facilities in Europe. Join Ace Tennis Camps to experience this world-famous tennis school this summer. The Queenswood LTA National Tennis Centre regularly plays host to both domestic and international tournaments. Professional players to have graced the Queenswood courts include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt, Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters.

Executive functions are the control centre of your brain, situation in the pre frontal cortex. Executive functions include the ability to initiate, plan and organise, set goals, solve problems, regulate emotions, and monitor behaviour. Because these skills play a role in all most aspects of life, Executive Function deficits can hamper a child academically, socially and emotionally. This article looks at how you can support children who have executive function challenges.

Easter 2016: Activities for Little Ones in London

Believe us, there are a lot of ways to make this Easter happy for your kids without the help of near-bottomless amount of chocolate. To keep your little bunnies occupied, look through these carefully selected Easter activities and pick the ones your children will be the most eager to visit.

St. Valentine’s Day Funny Facts for Kids

Why red is the color of St. Valentine's Day? How many Valentine's Day cards are sent each year? What Cupid means for St. Valentine's Day? This and other exciting questions are answered in this article.

Half-Term in London: Best Activities for Kids

If spending this half-term with sofa, TV, video games and unhealthy snacks is not a good idea for you, check out these February events in London which will definitely get your little ones excited and active.

Best Christmas Family Activities in London 2015/2016

Get some great ideas of things to do with the kids in London this Christmas, from attending legendary Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to ice skating and watching haert-warming plays.

Essential Tips for Travelling with Kids

Find out the main tips for having a great trip with your little ones.

10 Books You Must Read for Your Kids

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00:00, 18 September 2015
10 Books You Must Read for Your Kids

All parents want their kids to be intelligent, kind, loving and honest. We want them to develop their own worldviews and be able to handle difficult situations. An essential part of obtaining all these treats is reading them fairy-tails and letting the natural discussion unfold.So look through these ten titles which we compiled especially for the above-mentioned purposes.

How to Keep Your Baby Cool in Summer Heat

With the rise of the temeprature we are all happy to to finally say goodbye to those jumperts and thick socks. For babies, however, the summer heat can be rather uncomfortable and even dangerous. To make sure that your baby is cool and safe in summer, keep in mind the following advice.

Top 10 Amazing Facebook Fan Pages for Parents

Luckily, browsing the Internet is not the only option for modern parents to reach the endless world of information on parenting! Facebook gives us, parents, the simplicity we need and a chance to get continually updated information that can be digested here and now. All you need to do is like a page that caught your eye. Here are the top 10 helpful fan pages that provide millions of tips and resources every modern parent needs to know:

Birthday party experience

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00:00, 28 August 2014
Birthday party experience

Birthday party 24.08.2014

Halloween in London: What's On?

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00:00, 21 October 2013
Halloween in London: What's On?

Here are some ideas on what to do with kids for this year's Halloween half-term in London

Parenting styles: Attachment Parenting

There is a number of parenting styles developed by modern world. Let's discuss some of the most popular ones and begin with Attachment parenting.

Allergy season: spring allergy triggers and how to avoid them.

You can prevent allergy symptoms before they start, find out how with this guide to the most common spring allergy triggers.

4 London child friendly restaurants

With two children of my own, finding child-friendly restaurants in London has never been easy. 
We always go to our local one, which we have been going to for the past few years and to be absolutely honest keeping it ‘safe’ gets boring. 
If you are looking for a grown-up restaurant that accommodates kids here is a list of 4 London restaurants where children are welcome and even offered their own healthy menu. 

Post birth weight loss

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12:16, 12 April 2013
Post birth weight loss

Healthy weight loss after birth: when and how

Nursery, how to apply

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11:09, 12 April 2013
Nursery, how to apply

Nursery is the first step in the lengthy process that will eventually take your child to school and beyond. Here is a small guide on how to begin this process. 

Newborn checklist

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10:25, 12 April 2013
Newborn checklist

Newborn essentials checklist

Toddler nutrition

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12:52, 11 April 2013
Toddler nutrition

The toddler years are a time of transition, especially between 12-24 months, when your baby is learning to eat table food and accepting new tastes and textures.