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Paternity benefits

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12:29, 10 April 2013
Paternity benefits

Not only new moms are entitled for financial support from the Government. Find out what paternity rights UK dads have. 

Top Business Tips for Mumpreneurs

Women are generally multi-tasking machines and therefore perfectly capable of raising a family while generating a second income by being a mumpreneur. It might be a cliché but the sky really is the limit; all you need is a good idea, and the motivation to turn it into a viable business.

Your Maternity Rights

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08:40, 02 April 2013
Your Maternity Rights

Financial considerations are part and parcel of all major life events and starting a family is no exception.
The good thing about pregnancy is that you have at least a few months to find out what benefits you’re entitled to and plan accordingly. If you’re working, the chances are you can get some form of maternity pay depending on your circumstances.
Don’t expect anyone to come and tell you all what’s what though – find out what you can get.

Saving for your child's education

University tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year will place even more pressure on parents already concerned about how they will afford their children's higher education costs.

Top 10 money saving tips

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10:11, 28 March 2013
Top 10 money saving tips

If you’re looking for ways to cut back on expenditure in these trying times, then get some inspiration from these money saving tips

Returning to your old job now you're a mother

Dreading the return to work? You can have the best of motherhood and keep your career, by negotiating your conditions