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Here we will be publishing news about events in our amazing city, as well as news of London Parents website.

Isle of Dogs pupil's stunning pic wins photo prize

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09:19, 03 April 2013

The incredible aerial shot by George Green School's Dominic Blondel won a competition to find east London's best young snapper.

Girls 'get higher marks at school than boys because they are better behaved'

  • International study suggests bias could affect boys' self-esteem
  • Lower marks 'could cause pupils to limit their ambitions'

How mothers field 288 questions a day: Answer more questions per hour than David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions

Girls aged four are the most curious, asking 390 questions a day; An average mother faces 12.5 hours of questioning, survey finds; Most questions are asked during meal times, when children rattle off 11

Family values still rule: A new survey of the nation's behaviour paints a positive picture of life in modern Britain

  • 4000 people in UK picked the 10 values that most reflect who they are
  • The top two most common values were ‘caring’ (49%) and ‘family’ (46%)
  • Scots said the values ‘respect’ and ‘trust’ were more important than UK 
  • Northern Ireland was the only country to list ‘commitment’
  • Londoners only region to list 'creativity' and 'ambition' as top values
  • Capital dwellers also rate 'trust' and 'fairness' less than rest of UK

Eat Less or Lose Home: 1.7 Million Londoners Cutting Back on Food

Around 1.7 million people in London are cutting back on food in order to pay their rent or mortgages.

Going solo: the shrinking face of the family

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10:30, 27 March 2013
Going solo: the shrinking face of the family

The only child is a growing phenomenon all over the world. But is the China syndrome desirable for parents and offspring 

Traffic bans to let children play safely in streets of London

More streets across London are to be closed to traffic to allow children to play in them safely.

Londoners 'to be hit hardest by welfare reforms'

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08:39, 27 March 2013

Nearly half a million Londoners will suffer benefit cuts because of welfare reforms that threaten to create a new wave of homelessness, council leaders warned today. 

More than three hours of TV 'makes youngsters naughtier by the age of seven'

    More time watching television led children to fight and steal
    Emotional development and attention span were unaffected by TV

London 2012 Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle opens expanded Chessington school

Olympic medallist and triple world champion gymnast Beth Tweddle officially opened an expanded Chessington primary school yesterday. 

Regent's College in London to become UK's second private university

College to relaunch as Regent's University London having been granted degree-awarding powers and approval for new name

Future of Surbiton school expansion to be decided

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08:26, 25 March 2013

 The future of a Surbiton primary school will be decided at a development control meeting this week.