Family values still rule: A new survey of the nation's behaviour paints a positive picture of life in modern Britain

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Family values still rule: A new survey of the nation's behaviour paints a positive picture of life in modern Britain
It can be easy to feel blue about the state of modern society.

Reports about the loss of family values and increased selfish behaviours can be observed on a daily basis, however the overall picture is not as dire as an angry morning commute might suggest.

New research has revealed that the nation’s values are far more positive and community centred than might be expected, and show that meaningful interpersonal relationships are still central in the lives of most Britons.

The Barrett Values Centre asked 4000 people across the UK to pick the 10 values or behaviours that most reflect who they are.

The top two most common values were ‘caring’ (49 per cent) and ‘family’ (46 per cent).

'Honesty' (40 per cent) and 'humour/fun' (39 per cent) and were also in the top five values and behaviours people throughout he UK feel reflect who they are.

Equal and high quality relationships were shown to matter to Britons as all four countries identified friendship (30 per cent), fairness (27 per cent) and compassion (36 per cent) in their top ten values.

Respondents also said they experienced values in their local community that largely matched their own values, in terms of family and friendship.

Values tended to be similar for respondents in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, although Scots said the values ‘respect’ and ‘trust’ were more important than their UK counter parts.

Northern Ireland was the only country to list ‘commitment’ in their top ten values.

The authors of the study Richard Barrett and Phil Clothier use their findings to describe the personality of a UK citizen: ‘Citizens of the UK have a strong set of relationship values that influence how they treat others and how they wish to be treated.

‘Having close relationships and connections with others is extremely important to them.

They need to feel a sense of love and belonging. If these needs are threatened or not met they will experience anxiety about not being accepted or not being loved

They seek to ensure people are treated justly and fairly and have a fun-loving approach to life and enjoy sharing good times.’

The survey also breaks England into regions to analyze their values and while six values remain the same, there are some interesting differences.

The biggest difference is between London are the rest of the UK, who value trust and fairness less than the rest of the UK.

Unsurprisingly to those who live in the Capital, creativity and ambition were only listed as top ten values in London

Respect and fairness are in the top ten values of seven regions but ‘fairness’ doesn’t come in the top ten of London and the Westmidlands, and respect is not in the top ten values North West and South West.

The North East and the South West of the UK were the only two regions to list patience in their values.

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