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Here we will be publishing news about events in our amazing city, as well as news of London Parents website.

Giant Egg Hunt comes to London

Author: Maria 499 0 0 0
08:17, 22 March 2013
Giant Egg Hunt comes to London

The Lindt Big Egg Hunt, the worlds biggest Easter egg hunt, is returning to London from today.

The hunt- which will rise money for Action for Children- will run until 7th April. Over 100 giant Easter eggs will be hidden in and around the streets of Covent Garden.

Duchess of Cambridge gets a Baby on board badge (just in case she needs to take the Tube)

The Duchess of Cambridge was given a "baby on board" badge when she visited the London Underground and joked that she would "wear it at home". 

Boris calls for London-wide education body

Author: Alexander 525 0 1 0
06:59, 19 October 2012
Boris calls for London-wide education body

London mayor Boris Johnson is calling for a city-wide body to deal strategically with education in the capital, with his office at its heart.

Speed limit of 20mph across all Islington council roads

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06:55, 19 October 2012
Speed limit of 20mph across all Islington council roads

All roads managed by Islington council in north London will become 20mph zones after the authority agreed the move.

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner makes a record-breaking 24-mile jump from space

Austrian Felix Baumgartner—a pilot, skydiver and high-altitude jumper with the nickname “Fearless Felix”—has jumped from some of the world’s tallest bridges and buildings. But on October 14, he made the jump of his lifetime from a space capsule 128,100 feet (about 24 miles) above ground, a world record-breaking height. That distance put him on the edge of space in the stratosphere, the second layer of Earth’s atmosphere.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial to be immortalised at Madame Tussauds

The popular character is being brought back to life to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's classic film, E.T. 

ZSL London Zoo’s tiger undergoes pre-travel health check

Raika, a 17-year-old Sumatran tiger at ZSL London Zoo, has undergone a final health check from vets ahead of moving to a new home this month, to make way for new arrivals for the Tiger Territory exhibit which opens in spring 2013.

Do: Drama Classes for Children

Author: Alexander 504 0 0 0
20:25, 15 October 2012
Do: Drama Classes for Children

The merits of drama, singing and dance for children are huge and in a long list. I first started working in this field roughly four years ago and have seen with my own eyes the dramatic and positive changes that occur after only a few weeks when children join our Saturday Theatre School in Ealing.