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4 London child friendly restaurants

With two children of my own, finding child-friendly restaurants in London has never been easy. 
We always go to our local one, which we have been going to for the past few years and to be absolutely honest keeping it ‘safe’ gets boring. 
If you are looking for a grown-up restaurant that accommodates kids here is a list of 4 London restaurants where children are welcome and even offered their own healthy menu. 

Toddler nutrition

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12:52, 11 April 2013
Toddler nutrition

The toddler years are a time of transition, especially between 12-24 months, when your baby is learning to eat table food and accepting new tastes and textures.

Weaning. When to start and what with

It is a really important step in your baby’s development and can be great fun to explore new flavours and textures together.

Changing the Family Diet to Healthy Food

We all get stuck with habits that were formed early in our life. This includes the type of food we like to eat. You may already be only too well aware just how hard it is to change an ingrained eating habit.

Here are some tips that may help you and your family start eating healthy. 

Healthy eating for conception and pregnancy

When planning for a baby, a healthy diet will provide you and your partner with the nutrients needed to prepare your body for conception. When you become pregnant, what you eat is also vital for the development and wellbeing of your unborn baby and may affect its future health. 

Food Restricting your children's chocolate could do more harm than good

As we await the epic annual cocoa-fest that a 21st Century family Easter involves, just what is the right approach for parents to take? Should we let our kids gorge on unlimited Galaxy, contain their Cadbury's consumption or even ban the delectable sweet stuff altogether?