Cardiac Screen LTD

Cardiac Screen LTD

Great Britain, Balppa House 57-61 Newington Causeway, 0207 403 5294
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Cardiac Screen LTD

  • Address: Balppa House 57-61 Newington Causeway
  • Phone number: 0207 403 5294

Our mission is to provide the very best care based on an individualised treatment plan that will address the specific medical needs and concerns of our patients

We pride ourselves on putting patient care first, providing an individualised, flexible and integrated one stop services.

We are committed to deliver the highest quality of health care possible.

All non-invasive cardiac tests, all types of ultrasound, blood tests and consultations are performed on site.

We are fully committed to clinical excellence.

The state-of-the-art facilities available give our expert physicians the tools to provide the most advanced diagnosis and treatment