Croydon University Hospital

Croydon University Hospital

Great Britain, London Road Croydon Surrey CR7 7YE, 020 8401 3000
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Croydon University Hospital

  • Address: London Road Croydon Surrey CR7 7YE
  • Phone number: 020 8401 3000

The hospital aims to support women to give birth where they want and how they want, taking into account their cultural and religious background along with their health status.

Women who register with Croydon University Hospital Maternity Services can choose to have their baby in any of the following:

  • Labour Ward at Croydon University Hospital
  • Birth Centre  at Croydon University Hospital
  • At home

In most cases antenatal care is shared between their midwives and your GP. This is known as shared care.You can self refer by completing the antenatal self referral form provided at their website.

If there are complications in pregnancy, care will be shared between our midwives and obstetricians . This is known as full care.

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