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From making new friends and taming tantrums to writing those first letters, your preschooler will learn a lot from 2 to 4. Find out more about the physical, social and emotional, and language developmental milestones of a preschooler, and get great ideas for discipline strategies, potty training, sleep solutions, feeding picky eaters, choosing a preschool, and more.

Getting through the prep-school maze

Not many of us have our 18-year-old child in mind when we first put him or her down for a place at nursery. But with the idiosyncratic English private school system such as it is, how you intend to educate your child in the second half of his/her school life will impact what you do with them when they are five.

London Eye With Small Children Review

This review is aimed at parents of babies or toddlers who would probably avoid going on the London Eye with their children. I went on with my 6 month old baby and can recommend the experience – really! But to make it such a great trip you need to do your preparation. Here's all you'll need to know.

London’s top nursery and pre-schools

For many children, the long journey that is education does not only start when they enter school. It begins at home, and for many children some time between 5 months and 3 years, it continues in nurseries or pre-schools. The best of these can offer an enjoyable and smooth transition from toddlerhood to the Reception classes at primary school.