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Do you believe that some food can help you conceive?

29 October 2014 3734 3
I've heard that some ingredients can help to increase the chances of conception, but this sounds so unbelievable to me. I'm not a scientist of course, so maybe there's some truth to it. I was wondering if you girls ever ate anything to help yourself get pregnant and if you believe it helped. Not trying to conceive myself, just helping my younger sister:)


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   05 December 2014
I believe that it helps if you have NO fertility problems. Beans,  lentils, edamame, tofu and other food with protein surely can increase chances of getting pregnant. I ate all thatwhen I was trying to get pregnant, but I can't say whether it really helped or I got pregnant because I did)))


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   15 July 2015

I do believe that some food can help you conceive. More than that, I even believe that certain food can help you choose the gender of your baby.

A girl diet with weight loss is proven to be the thing that sways most - some studies say it has success of up to 80% (I personally think on it's own it's likely to be less than that) and if you skip breakfast without doing the diet you increase your chance of a girl from 50% to around 55%. You could do both, of course. The diet isn't easy, but most aim to conceive quickly on it so you might only have to do it for a few months. You also shouldn't take multivitamins as part of the diet as it's thought that more nutrients sways blue, and "declining condition" sways pink. Lowering sperm count (via one of many methods) is also proven to sway too. Most do this by BD frequency - i.e. daily release/BD or abstaining for 7+ days, or compressed frequent release when you release and discard then aim to BD soon afterwards. You can also do it using jump+dump after BDing, and lowering pH using a douche or gel - this will kill off some of the swimmers and lower sperm count. Ideally you'd also have him finish shallow and to avoid having a big O when DTD. timing isn't thought to sway any more, many impartial studies have refuted it. Again, studies show you have as much chance of a girl from BDing on OV day as any other day. Ideally you want to do the two things above and then BD when you will most likely get pregnant. There's no harm in trying a cut off if you can't let go of that, but just be careful because it can take far longer to conceive with a 3+ day cut off and the diet, etc, aren't healthy to do long term.

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